What our client says about Constrosoft CRM

Constrosoft Real Esate CRM is simply awesome. It reduces lead leakage from online & offline campaigns
and streamlines pre-sales and post sales activities

Sai Associates
Before Constrosoft CRM, there was a lot of leakage in fetching all the online & offline leads. We have drastically reduced leakage in 6 major channels, with present leakage less than 1%

-Ramesh Jadhav / Director of Sai Associates

Gore Builder
We have seen a 50% increase in conversions and 40% increase in admissions! ConstroSOft helps us manage and prioritize our possible candidates, even from offline sources.

-Vithal Gore / Director of Gore Builders

Shriphal Developers
ConstroSOft helps us to manage post sales & payment activities effectively. Lead sync with property listing portal is very useful which reduced lead leakage by 20%.

-Ram Joshi / Co-Founder of Shriphal Developers